A Beginning

Welcome to everyone and anyone that is reading this.

I have started this as my Bro said it would be a fun thing to do. So I'm giving it a shot. The main thing i will be talking about here is Games Workshops Warhammer and Warhammer 40K. Well what better time to do this as the new 8th edition for Warhammer is coming out very soon.

As a Orc and Goblin And High Elves player I'm looking forward to the new rules that this edition will be bringing. I already have some nasty ideas for units from what i have seen from the new common magic items. and liking the look of some the new rules from being able to fight and shoot in 2 ranks. So this could be me praising the new rules for a little bit or slatting them after i find my armies get wiped out in the new game.

So with this blog I'm hoping to update this blog weekly with images of my armies, to battle reports, to my opions on the two main games, to tactics that I think would work and my army list that I create. So hopefully for the people who read this it will be inform and entertain you.