Fantasy Escalation League round one (750pts)

well it is coming to end of the first round of the Fantasy Escalation League at my local gaming shop and all i can say is that my high elves are proving that they still do not play well for me. Two games and i lost both of them. The first was against warriors of chaos which seemed to be going well half way through. wiped out his chaos knights but then was not able to deal with the chaos warriors and maurders that charged in and destroyed my army. (The dice god was not helping me).
The second game that I had was bad. i was up against the empire and was blastered by mortor fire. first turn he rolled two hits killing 10 lothrain sea gaurd and wiping out a unit of archers. the second turn he was still getting good dice roll with the morters and i concided. I know that some may think i should continue the game till the end but what ever was left after the morters would have been wiped out by the gunman that he had in the army.


  1. The points getting higher should help you out bud. Get your magic on the go and then you will find your HE getting better. Hopefully.

    Not playing to Gobbos...750pts of them is a lot steadfast units.


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