the Tau List

So my idea for a tau list inspired from the tau of war is;


-Plasma rifle.
-missile pod.
--Multi tracker
--hardwire drone controller with 1 shield drone.

-plasma rifle
-missile pod
-multi tracker
-bonding knife


Crisis Team (three strong)
-plasma rifles
-missile pod
--multi tracker


Fire warriors (6 men)
+ Devilfish
--multi tracker
-- Disruption pods
---Gun drones

(three of these in the army)

Heavy support

-rail gun
-smart missile system
--multi tracker
-- disruption pods

(2 of these)

Broadside unit (3 strong)
with a leader that had a hard-wire drone controller
all had targeting array

So with this army list you might notice that it has a lot of missile pods in it. I like the idea of having a good range weapon that can cause damage to almost all armored vehicles except for one. This list is very different from the old lists that i made before, I normally had the devilfish with a lot of the add ons on it but not this time need them to be cheap. having a troop unit costing over 200 points for tau not the best thing and with the the add ons in this list they come to about 180 points. Doesn't seem that much but they are cheaper. Going back to the Crisis suit they all have a plasma rifle, this is really handy because they can easlly kill any troop unit that can be field in the game (still not played against dark elder yet so can't say how nasty they are in a game).


  1. So how many points would you save if you took the 6 man units in a nekkid devil fish?

    And if you did that what else could you get?

    I know you like Hammer heads, but in your case you might be better with more Broadsides, 1 lascannon can = 1 dead hammerhead. Not the same for a Broadside unit with 2 more or more n a couple of drones.


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