1250 Orc list and Pics

so here is the 1250 list i think i will be using for this months two games

Orc Great Shamman Lvl 4 

Black orc big boss            Night Goblin big boss
- Heavy Armour               - light armour and sheild
                                        - wollops one hot wunda
                                        - great axe

Night goblin shamman

Night goblin (40)              Orc boyz (20)
-Spears                            - Command
- Command                      - Sheilds
- 3 Fanatics

Black orcs (10)               Big uns boar riders
-Command                     - Command

Doom Diver

done two trail games so far and its 50/50 with the way this army works. I'm still having to hope i get the waaagh spell in my selection and it not getting counted in the magic phase. What i wish for orcs with a Initiative higher than 2. T.T

and here are the pics of it.

repainted the goblin shamman didnt like the colours i had before and you can see it before and now. Let me know which looks betters.

BTW I'm having some issues with replying back to comments on firefox so is it just firefox that blogger doesnt like because it works fine on chrome.