2500pts of Orks part 2 (Thoughts from the weekend)

Right then.....

The tournement was okish. I enjoyed some of the games more than others. At the end of the day didn't win any of the games there. I think my Orcs and Goblins did all right against the armys I played. Skaven, Dark Elves and Bretonnia.

The first Game I found a good laugh two horde armys (Takes a long time do anything lol). It was a close game that I could have possible made it a draw if the Hell Pit Abomination ran off the table. we got two turn (yes I can hear the screams that we did something wrong if we only got two truns) but I was in combat from turn two. The biggest highlight was a night goblin wounding the Hell Pit, I'm claim it was that wound that made it flee. the black orc unit held its ground and the night goblin unit so happy with it self for wounding it gaved chase running though there own fanatic but not caring about that. My Big Un unit with my Genral in was hit twice by doom wheels but but my Genral Being the best orc among the army dealt with them.

Second game I had after the lunch was against the Dark Elves I fought this army before back in 7th with my high elves it did not go well. So i knew what to expect from it (or I thought so). In the first two turns i had my black Orc unit and my horde Orks unit wiped out. The hydra declared a charge against the units and they both failed the terror check and then were rear charged and destroyed by Dark riders units. The dark elves had a lot fire power behind it and that was nothing my army could really deal the doom divers were trying to kill the hydra's (they killed one and reduced the other to 1 wound), but manged to get a Gorks war path that destroyed one of the annoying bolt throwers. I manged to get my big un unit with my genral to their firing line and desroyed one of the units that had a mage in it and then was wiped in two turns of shooting at them by everything.

The Third one was annoying tbh. I can understand that people get others to paint there army but also to create an army list. (yea you could tell not the most fun one) This could be my own fault tho because I have never played them before so I was not aware of the cheesy 2+ armour save follow by a 4/5 ward save. On the Bright side of things my shamens did not die from both miscasting. Gork's warpath smashed through a trebuchet in the first attemp but that was about it. There was heavy damage to his units but as I was unable to wipe them out I didn't get any points for them.

So whats next.... try and understand what works with the orc and goblin army. Possible try out some units that i haven't thought about using before and GET! a Goblin Warboss on a Gaint Squig (The Drawf Slayer).