2500pts of Orks part 3 (army list and Pic)

So to start off this was meant to be a fun list that still made people think oh crap.

Black Orc Warboss                           Orc Great shamman Lvl 4
-Mortogg best basha                          - Folding fortress
-Talisment of presavation
-Heavy armour and sheild

Orc shamman              Orc big boss                                        Black orc big boss
- Power scroll              -Standard bearer Razer standard         - Armour of fourtune
                                    - Light armour

Big Uns (34)              Orcs boyz (40)           Night goblin (40)        Orcs boyz
- Two Choppas          - Sheilds                     - Spears                    - Sheilds
-Command                 - Command                - Command               - Command
                                                                    - 3 Fanatics
Black orc (20)            Spear chukka
- Command

Doom diver           Doom diver


  1. That looks Awesome! Nothing better than a fully painted force on the table. Sorry you didn't have as much fun as you could have!

    Now get those squigs going! ;)

  2. thanks RTG. It was one of those during the games not.

    I am just need to order one and then ponder on how im going to change the sword to a mallet.


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