2500pts of Orks

So yea I was told I was in the tournament this weekend at my local gaming shop after thinking I wasn't. the reason for this you may ask well it brings it up to even numbers. Well the plus side of things I will get to try out my Orks at it and I get some more games in this edition of the rules. Just need to stop being lazy and write the list up. ( I also think I am getting a shot with another doom diver Oooooo o.O fun) I was thinking of having a 4o ork unit and a 34 big un unit as well that was suggested and some one else was saying I need a power scroll, but I want my folding fortress ( I just wnat to included my watch tower that built in it lol ) so that will be some thing that I am going to be working on really soon.

I shall post the list up that I will use for it and some pictures of the games I wont being going in detail saying what happened during each turn and taking notes and all that. I probably would say during one turn something really fun happened in it and explain but thats what is coming in the next few days.