Well my Goblins and Orcs army is Back to the Orc and Goblins. after the last month where i have bought four orc regiments boxes i can now say that the army is how I am wanting it now. Two large units of orcs one being a 40 orc size unit with hand weapon and shield, while the other is a 34 orcs with two Choppa's. Along with that I have a 24 ocrs with hand weapon and shield, with a 20 orcs that have spears (not my favourite unit as all my night goblins are the ones with the spears). There is also a unit of black orcs that i break down into a 2x10 or 20 size unit but that depends on what game I am playing but I can see them getting expanded in the future, one boar chariot and also a unit of boar riders that I still havent really used in a game since I got them (really need to get them in an army list and use them).