Red Salamanders

OK. some thing different from the hordes stuff. i havent been getting many games in over the last few months due to other things (uni) but have thought back to my fun space marine list that i have. i wont go into details about what is in it, you can look at the photos. this army has been a great one to play people don't expect a drop pod force that well this one is and it only really works a couples of times on players. Then they learn how to deal with it but that only works if the dice god is smiling down on them. This is a 1500pts list and one that will take people by surprise at times. It has been used in two tournaments at my local gaming shop. Winning the first one and coming second in the next.

A very quick note the thunder hammer captain is one my funniest HQ choice and I tend to let him deal with any tanks that get close to his unit.