relocating for a time OVER!!!

I'm back.

Well the idea now is that I will be adding some bits to my bro's site here and there while running this one and another so it should be a fun time. You might be thinking what have I have been up to since my last post. Well been painting more Warmachine stuff Have a SHINY Blue Cygnar force on the go, Finally got my Menoth painted to how I like them be now and to be honest I see that Warmachine is going down the metalic colours for me (wonder how shiny I can make red look? hmmm?). I have also go more of blood angels done as well from the space hulk Terminaters to a tactical squad and razer back ( NO! I am not doing a razer spam force. I like my Land raiders too much for that). Finally not forgetting that me and bro ran a Planet strike game at KOA a week ago I think i have some Pictures of that taken. So here is the Sneak Peek at what is to come.

Oh Yea and there's Battle Tech.